" Barangsiapa yang tidak menghadap Allah dengan kelembutan-kelembutan ihsan, maka ia akan diseret ke hadapanNya dengan rantai cobaan. Barangsiapa yang tidak mensyukuri beragam nikmat, maka ia menghadapi hilangnya nikmat-nikmat tersebut, dan barangsiapa yang mensyukurinya, sesungguhnya ia telah mempertahankannya dengan ikatannya."

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Berterusan mencabar Tuhan

Mass nude photo shoot in Dead Sea

Dawn over the lowest spot on earth illuminated a Dead Sea very much alive on Saturday, as more than 1,000 floating nude Israelis posed for a mass shoot by US photographer Spencer Tunick.

The project, Tunick's first in the Middle East, is part of a bid to boost Israel's campaign to have the salt-saturated feature recognised as one of the world's seven natural wonders in a global online vote in November.

Experts warn that the Dead Sea could dry out by 2050 unless urgent steps are taken to halt its demise. The Dead Sea's surface level is plunging by about a metre (39 inches) each year, and the shoreline has receded by more than a kilometre (0.6 mile) in places, according to some estimates.

For Tunick, a Jewish American who has arranged naked human bodies over prominent landscapes and landmarks ranging from a Swiss glacier to the Sydney Opera House, a nude installation is an indicator of a host country's openness.

"In some places the work is a little bit more controversial, and then in other places the works are accepted as a litmus test for how free a country is, or how open a country is, and how full of rights a country is," he told a pre-shoot press briefing.

But organisers kept the location secret until the last moment to secure it, and there were no hitches to the two-hour session at the Mineral Beach complex, not far from where tradition says the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, irreparably overrun by sin, were destroyed by God along with their inhabitants. Tunick, who grew up in the largely Hassidic community of South Fallsburg, NY, said in the briefing that he could understand how religious people could find his work offensive.

"That's why I've decided to do the work on Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath), so no-one would be walking by and see a naked person half a mile away and be offended," he said.

(Walaupun mereka sedar dan tahu bagaimana Allah telah binasakan kaum mereka yang terdahulu dalam peristiwa ‘Sodom dan Gomorrah’ dan peristiwa hari Sabtu).

"I'm glad I was able to take part in an event aimed at saving the Dead Sea," he said as the shoot wrapped. "You can really see how the waterline recedes every year."

(Rasa gembira dan bangga.?)

"If you love freedom in New York, freedom in London, freedom in Italy... there's freedom in Israel, and I think this is very important for people to understand."

(Bebas dari ikatan agama.?)

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